Steps for filing:  
Steps for filing financial statements in XBRL format on MCA portal
1.Creation of XBRL instance document using XBRL conversion software
2.Download XBRL validation tool from MCA web site
3.Load the instance document
4.Validate the instance document
5.Pre-scrutiny of the instance document
6.Convert to pdf and verify the contents of the instance document. (This step is essential to ensure that the disclosures contained in XBRL document are as per Audited Financial Statement adopted in the AGM and the textual information entered in the instance document are clearly viewable)
7.Attach instance document to the Form 23AC-XBRL and Form 23ACA-XBRL
8.Submitting the Form 23AC-XBRL and Form 23ACAXBRL on the MCA portal
9.Viewing of balance sheet and profit and loss submitted in XBRL form on MCA portal
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